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MECHANIC MOS 300 LED Stereo 6-45x With B11 Big Base Trinocular Microscope

MECHANIC MOS 300 LED Stereo 6-45x With B11 Big Base Trinocular Microscope
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MECHANIC MOS 300 LED Stereo 6-45x With B11 Big Base Trinocular Microscope
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      MECHANIC MOS300 Trinocular 360° Rotate HD Stereo Microscope

      Mechanic Trinocular Stereo Microscope Binocular Stereo High Power Zoom Stereo Microscope For Motherboard Micro Welding Repair

      The high-definition optical objective lens, precision process manufacturing, high-definition coated objective lens

      Pure copper material lens barrel, no glare, clear picture, do not miss every small detail

      WF1OX/22 eyepiece, binocular diopter can be adjusted ±5DP, making binocular observation easier

      With the high field of view wide-angle eyepiece, standard WF10X/22MM, it is still convenient to wear glasses for observation

      0.6-4.5X continuous zoom, optical system, large magnification continuous zoom, sharp imaging, and no distortion, very high definition, can correctly focus on samples with large uneven surfaces, so as to obtain a three-dimensional image.

      The focusing gear rack is made of metal material, which is durable and accurate with the magnification, making the image clearer

      CTV2/5 adapter, clearer image than ordinary TV interface, wider field of view, no vignetting

      True trinocular high-definition display, matched with 4K high-definition camera display, eye-clearing observation is synchronized with the screen display content, high-definition large screen without smear (only the package includes the high-definition camera, the bare metal does not include the high-definition camera)

      The mirror body can be adjusted freely, and the microscope body can be adjusted 360°, freeing up the workbench and not affecting other operations

      Observation head: 45decline, 360rotate, pupil distance 54—76mm; bilateral visual adjustment ±5

      Adjustable eyepiece: Standard: WF10X22, high angle wide-angle eyepiece provides convenience for observers wearing glasses

      Optional eyepiece: WF10x22mm, WF15x15mm, WF20x10mm, WF25x9mm, WF30x8mm

      Objective: 0.6X—4.5X Zoom Range,objective magnification ratio 1:10,

      Auxiliary Lens: 0.3X, 0.5X, 0.75X, 1X, 1.5X, 2X For option

      Magnification:  Standard:6X–45X, optional and auxiliary lenses can be extended to 1.8X—90X continuous doubling

      Working Distance: 100mm

      Focus arm: 76mm Diameter, 32mm pole size

      Plate: Black/White plate

      Base: B11 column type large plate base, another base can be selected

      Outward Size: 200mm(W)*273mm(D)*280mm(H)

      illumination: Optional LED Illumination, see LED light source series diagram for details

      1 x Trinocular microscope

      1 x Microscope Base

      1 x All-in-one LED ring light

      2 x WF10X/22 eyepiece

      2  x Goggle

      1 x Dust mirror

      1 x Limit block

      1 x CTV 2/5 Adapters(only MOS300)

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